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Got a new computer and need help in configuring it the way you ant? We’ll install the required software, customize the operation system section for you and help you personalize your computer.

Service Offered:

  • Customize user accounts, add additional user accounts (Up to 5 user accounts).
  • Personalize your computer with screensaver, preferred icon sizes, sound themes and tailored menu/task bar.
  • Download, Install and configure your favorite software.
  • Configure you internet and browser settings
  • Configure you email accounts on applications like Microsoft outlook, Mac Mail etc.
  • Synchronize your Smartphone/Tablet with your new computer
  • Setup peripheral device like printer, scanner, digital devices etc .

We can offer you with your innovation some assistance with supporting needs

  • iBrainiacs technical support accessible every minute of every day/365
  • Your computer Sheltered, secure and simple .
  • Dial Tollfree and Speak with experienced innovation experts over the telephone
  • No compelling reason to convey your PC to a store
  • 100% cash back guarantee incase of your computer not fix and you are not satisfied.
  • Our computer support technicians are working towards to complete satisfication of every customers.

As opposed to having to physically take your PC to Repair Shop; have our affirmed techs join with your PC through online and resolve the annoying issues tormenting your PC. We promise we can get your PC running like new or you don’t pay!

iBrainiacs technical support specialists will analyze and investigate both programming and equipment blunders on your PCs or servers to guarantee smooth execution.

Our computer support technician will settle clashes and similarity issues with software applications or hardware running on your computer. Root cause distinguishing proof through consistent investigating procedure disposes of issues totally and prevent their repeat.If you are struggling with blue screen, crashing software and Operating system files , Call our toll-free technical support to recognize and fix issues bringing on your computer to crash frequently.

iBrainiacs technical support experts help you to setting up and installing software’s, configuring printer with your computer and also provide support for tethering other pheripherals in your computer. All user is unique and every user would like it to look, respond and work the way he would feel most comfortable. More over two or more software’s and functionalists need to work in proper way and when you need technical support expert advice and help on that, you can depend on iBrainiacs Technical Support. Get your PC setup & fixed. At iBrainiacs Technical Support, our certified technicians will help you set up and install your new or existing PC.

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