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WiGig – The Fastest Wireless

WIGIG for blog 4This year, the first devices containing WiGig radios hit the market. WiGig is a new wireless standard that operates on the wider 60 GHz frequency band.Information can transfer from device to device at 7 gigabits per second, and its low latency makes it a prime candidate for wireless docking.

Companies including Dell, Qualcomm, and Intel are incorporating the technology into products. Their WiGig-enabled devices will be able to instantly wirelessly connect PCs and peripherals, in addition to function as access points and data sharing, ushering in the age of a truly wireless office.

We have a vision of a world without wires. WiGig is the first step that gets us there . . . Other wireless [standards] have latency or lag time. With WiGig it’s instant.

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  • February 28, 2016

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